ORANS: Our Non Profit Partner

ORANS is a 501c3 nonprofit that Slimeyard Slimes supports with donations. Proceeds from Slimeyard Slimes will benefit ORANS: The Campaign for Relational Leadership as well as the Archer Senft Special Needs Trust which helps Archer with expenses related to his rehabilitation.

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What does ORANS do?

ORANS wants to help change the world - one interaction at a time. We are Committed to Nonviolence. 

ORANS wants to help us all do better together. We #FightTribalism in all its forms.

Lasting positive change in your family, workplace, community and world starts with you – and how you relate to other people. Being gentle in how you use your power because what you do affects others. You want that effect to be positive. You want to maximize well-being for both yourself AND others. ORANS exists to help you with that- teaching and blogging about Being Relational.

To Learn more about ORANS, visit JoinORANS.org or connect with ORANS on Facebook and Instagram.