Slimeyard Slimes - Designs by Archer Senft #ArcherStrong

Slimeyard Slimes

Slimeyard Slimes is the creation of Archer Senft. Archer is an 18-yr old artist who suffered a severe spinal cord injury on August 5, 2015. When he first regained the partial use of his arm, Archer’s first drawing was a snail.

We love the snail design not only because it is cool, but also because it is so richly symbolic - although very limited in physical abilities, snails make their way in the world very well!   Archer came up with the Slimeyard Slimes concept as an LOL parody - "I'd rather be a Snail than a Whale. Yes I would, if I could, I surely would."

Our twist on the Peruvian folk song Simon and Garfunkel made famous. 

Archer's original snail drawing is the inspiration for Slimeyard Slimes. It appears on our OG Snail Ties and our Slimeyard Slimes T-shirt designs.  New products are being introduced seasonally and some are limited editions.  Archer has continued digital design with original works of art on various mediums and is working on exclusive designs with musicians. 

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